Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Corona: These symptoms are a warning sign, do not ignore them even if the report comes negative

Negative reports coming in the midst of rapidly rising cases of Corona have confused people. Especially, when they are feeling mild or severe symptoms in the body. Several recent reports have claimed that the RT-PCR test with the gold standard for testing is also likely to have inaccurate reports. 

How accurate is the Covid test – Initially RT-PCR test was considered to be the best for accurate examination of the corona test. However, in the second wave of Corona, there have been many such false reports where the symptoms of Covid-19 are being felt in the patients. Experts say that in these conditions there can be many reasons for a negative report of a human being. 

Why the negative report is coming – the second wave of Corona is a mixture of several mutate variants. Many experts say that the RT-PCR test is unable to detect new mutations. Therefore, despite showing symptoms in many people, their report is coming negative. 

In addition, there may be difficulty in detecting infection even if the viral load of infection in the body is very low. Also, if the sample of a suspect is not collected correctly or if the swab stick is not inserted correctly, the report is also likely to be negative. 

Be cautious even when the report is negative – even if a person is reporting negative, then he needs to be more careful. Such people should remain self-isolated and monitor the symptoms seen in the body. In such a situation, even if the report is negative, do not ignore certain symptoms at all. 

Loss of test and smell – loss of smell and taste, both of which are unusual symptoms of Covid-19. These symptoms may appear before the fever occurs in the body. Can emerge as a single symptom and remain in the body for a long time. Even after recovery, the patient can feel them for a long time.

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Fever and shivering – Fever is a very common symptom of Covid-19. When pain-relieving drugs do not bring relief in the fever and the condition becomes severe as well as cold, then it can be the warning sign of Covid-19. 

Exhaustion – Apart from cough and fever, patients of Covid-19 often complain of excessive tiredness and weakness. Although you may get tired due to any other virus infection, it is difficult to cope with the tiredness of Covid-19. 

Sore Throat – It is often difficult for people to understand the difference between Covid-19 and a cold or flu. Keep in mind that if you have a sore throat with fever or cough, then it is a symptom of Covid-19. 

Diarrhea or nausea – Many patients of Covid-19 have also experienced symptoms like diarrhea and nausea. Patients may complain of severe stomach cramps and vomiting. 

Keep these things in mind – if you see any of these symptoms in home isolation, then take special care of some things. Do not come in contact with any other person. Keep monitoring the symptoms and check the blood oxygen level with a pulse oximeter. Get the RT-PCR test done again after two or three days. If symptoms still persist, get a CT scan done on the advice of a doctor. 



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