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Bill Gates had placed this condition with his girlfriend in front of Melinda before marriage!

After 27 years of marriage, the news of Bill Gates and Melinda’s divorce is everywhere. Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates have been in discussion on many issues before. Very few people know that before marrying Melinda, Bill had a girlfriend named Ann Winblade. At the time of marriage, Bill made a peculiar agreement with Melinda about her girlfriend.

In a 1997 interview with Time magazine, Bill mentioned this. Bill had said that at the time of his marriage in 1994, he had signed an agreement with Melinda, according to which he would go on a long weekend with his old girlfriend Ann Winblade every year. 

Not only this, but Bill also took the approval of his girlfriend before proposing to Melinda. In the interview, Bill had said, ‘When I was thinking about marrying Melinda, I first called Winblade and took his approval. He too gave me permission for this. 

Winblade was a software expert and was 5 years older than Bill. Winblade and Bill often did virtual dating due to living in different cities. He used to watch a picture at the same time and then used to talk about it on the phone. In an interview with the magazine at the time, Winblade had said, “We used to share our thoughts about ourselves and the world with each other.” 

In a 2005 interview to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, Winblade said, “He was not a big man when I started dating Bill.” There was a time when my financial situation was better than that and I had to pay for everything. Although such a situation was there for very few days, it is memorable for me.

At that time, Bill was so mad at Winblade that he was willing to do anything to make him happy. To please Winblade, he also stopped eating non-veg at that time. Bill always thought big and Winblade was impressed by Bill’s confidence.  

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In an interview with Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2013, Winblade said, “Once Bill and I went for a walk. Bill said that the day I start getting revenue of 500 million dollars (Rs 36,98,08,25,000), on that day I will feel that I am on my way now.

Winblad said, ‘I used to be very impressed with Bill. I used to think that in reality, they could create a company that is the biggest in the software industry. Bill used to inspire me a lot. At the same time, Bill said, “Winblade was very funny and used to make a serious atmosphere very happy. She was very smart. 

Bill told in an interview, ‘My favorite trip with Winblade was when we went to visit Santa Barbara for a week. We took a lot of related movies with us to understand biotechnology. The weather outside was good but instead of roaming, we used to sit inside and watch movies for hours. 

In 1987, Winblade and Bill had a breakup, but even after that, they continued to meet once a year. Winblad later married a man named Alex Kline.  

Everyone is shocked by the separation of Bill Gates and his wife Melanda after 27 years. According to reports, Melanda says that Bill Gates was unable to balance his family life and career. 



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