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PF Transfer Online: Recently changed job? Transfer PF money sitting at home; will get this benefit

EPFO has given the facility of online transfer of PF money to the member employees. That is, you can transfer EPF money from one account to another EPF account sitting at home. Let’s know-how.

Have you changed jobs recently? If yes, this news is going to be very useful for you. On changing jobs, you have to transfer the money of your old EPF account to the EPF account of the new company so that you can get more interest on the total amount of PF. If you have never done this before, then today we will tell you about an easy way to transfer PF online sitting at home, which will benefit you a lot. Let us know how the members of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) can take advantage of this …

Understand the complete process step by step:-

1. First of all login by visiting

2. On the home page, enter your UAN login ID and password.

3. After that go to Online Services option and click on One Member One EPF Account (Transfer Request) option.

4. Verify personal information and PF account for the current job.

5. Then click on Get Details option. By doing this, the PF details of your previous job will appear on the screen.

6. Select between previous employer and current employer to attest the online claim form. Select it based on the availability of Authorized Signatory Holding DSC.

7. Select any of the two employers and give the member ID or UAN.

8.Now you have to click on Get OPT option. This OTP will come on the mobile number registered with your UN. Enter it and select the submit option.

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Then this work will have to be done in 10 days

The selected company or institution has to submit a self-attested copy of their online EPF transfer application in PDF file within 10 days of submission of the online application for PF transfer. The company or institution digitally approves the EPF transfer request. After approval, the EPF is transferred to the new EPF account with the existing company.

Tracking ID is also generated

Keep one thing in mind, a Tracking ID is also generated during the Employees Provident Fund transfer process. It can be used to track the application. Another point is that the employee has to download the Transfer Claim Form (Form 13). In some cases, the employee has to submit this form to the company to complete the process of EPF transfer.

In how many days can you withdraw money?

Many times in an emergency, people withdraw their PF money before retirement. For this, you have to apply. You will get the money after a long claim process of about 20 days. PF is a great facility available to the salary earners. 12% of the basic salary of most employees is deposited in the PF account every month. The same amount is deposited every month in the employee’s account on behalf of the company.



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