Monday, May 23, 2022

Now travel in flight for only 1400 rupees! Book your tickets now, know about the route list and price here

Indigo Offer: Now getting a chance to travel the country cheaply. Airline company Indigo has announced several new direct flights. The airline said in a statement, ‘We have taken another step towards enhancing point-to-point connectivity for our passengers.

Now you can roam the beautiful places of the country very cheaply. Not only this, now it will be easy to go from one place to another by flight. Actually, the airline company Indigo has announced many new direct flights. Along with this, IndiGo has said that we have taken another step towards increasing point-to-point connectivity for our passengers.

Airline company Indigo gave information 

Airline company Indigo says that the direct connectivity will make travel easier and give a unique experience to tourists for its natural beauty, rich and diverse culture. This will also facilitate the travelers in planning to travel.

Earlier, the airline has started a direct flight between Shillong and Dibrugarh from 2 November 2021. Its starting fare is only 1400 rupees.

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How to book?

If you also want to travel cheaply, then you can get detailed information by visiting Indigo’s website. Apart from this, passengers can book tickets for Indigo flights by visiting the airline’s official website

12 hours journey in just 75 minutes 

Let us tell you that due to the non-availability of any direct means of transport, people were forced to take a long journey of 12 hours by road and train to travel between Shillong and Dibrugarh. But now by opting for a flight of only 75 minutes, one can easily fly between the two cities. 

Check in the list which cities have the fare

– Jammu to Leh – Rs 1854

– Leh to Jammu – Rs 2946

– Indore to Jodhpur – Rs 2695

– Jodhpur to Indore – Rs 2735

– Prayagraj to Indore – Rs 3429

– Indore to Prayagraj – Rs 3637

– Lucknow to Nagpur – Rs 3473

– Nagpur to Lucknow – Rs 3473




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