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Bank Holiday List: Complete your work related to the bank soon, banks will be closed for 12 days in December

If you are looking to do any work related to a bank, then you should get your work done as soon as possible, because in the next month the bank will be closed for 12 days.  

The month of December is the month of festivals. Christmas, the main festival of Christianity, is also celebrated in the next month. This month, including Sundays, 2nd and 4th Saturdays, there will be about 12 days closed. 

However, many of these holidays are also such, which are applicable in a particular state. If you are thinking of doing any important work related to the bank in the next month, then settle it as soon as possible.

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Let us know on which days banks will be closed in December: 

  • 3 December – Fest of St. Francis Xavier (banks closed in Panaji)
  • 5 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)
  • 11 December – Saturday (2nd Saturday of the month)
  • 12 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)
  • 18 December – Death Anniversary of You So So Tham (Banks closed in Shillong)
  • 19 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)
  • 24 December – Christmas Festival (banks closed in Aizawl)
  • 25 December – Christmas (banks closed at all places except Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar) Saturday, (fourth Saturday of the month)
  • 26 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)
  • 27 December – Christmas celebration (banks closed in Aizawl)
  • 30 December – Yu Kiang Nongbah (banks closed in Shillong)
  • 31st December – New Years Evening (Banks closed in Aizawl)


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