Monday, May 23, 2022

Corona: The ‘peak’ of the third wave has been discovered, and there will be a flood of cases every day!

In India, there have been 21 instances of Omicron so far. The third wave has been the subject of speculation among IIT scientists.

The novel SARS-COV-2 variant Omicron is feared to be the source of the third wave of coronavirus epidemic. According to scientists at IIT Mumbai, the third wave is projected to peak in February, with the country reporting between one lakh and one and a half lakh cases each day.

The first wave was lighter than the second.

The Omicron variety has been added as a consideration in the latest calculation, according to IIT scientist Manindra Agarwal. “With the new version, we think the third wave will hit the country in February,” he said, “although it will be lighter than the second wave.” So far, we’ve noticed that the intensity of Omicron infection differs from the delta pattern. He did say, however, that the instances reported in South Africa, where numerous cases of this new type have been recorded, are being actively followed.

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Is there a possibility of a lockdown?

According to Agarwal, there is currently no increase in the rate of infection-related hospitalisation in South Africa. He predicted that additional information on the virus and hospitalisation rates would provide a far more complete picture of the issue. ‘It appears that the new type has demonstrated increased infectiousness, but its severity has not been seen as severe as the delta variant,’ Aggarwal added. According to him, a slightly tight lockdown (night curfew, crowd control) can minimize the transmission of infection and keep the number of cases low, as was discovered during the spread of the delta variety.

It was supposed to happen in October.

According to a source model backed by the Department of Science and Technology, if a new variant emerges that is more contagious than Delta, the third wave of coronavirus might arrive in the country by October. The new variant, on the other hand, did not arrive until the end of November. Omicron is the name given by the WHO to a new form of Covid that surfaced on November 26 in South Africa and a few other countries.



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