Thursday, December 1, 2022

CNG-PNG Price Hike: CNG 6 is instantly more expensive than PNG 4, and the cost will rise in the coming.

CNG-PNG Price: As a result of this adjustment, the retail cost of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which is used to fuel vehicles in Mumbai and the surrounding areas, has climbed to Rs 86 per kg.

Mumbai’s Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL) has raised the cost of CNG-PNG by Rs. 6 per kilogramme. In addition, the cost of LPG (PNG) delivered by pipe has increased by Rs. 4 per unit (SCM). The revised prices went into effect on Monday at midnight. Compressed natural gas (CNG), which is utilised as a fuel in automobiles in Mumbai and the surrounding areas, is now available at a retail price of Rs 86 per kilogramme as a result of this adjustment.

In addition, the cost of domestic PNG has increased to Rs 52.50 per SCM. According to the public sector company, this move is necessary as a result of the government raising gas prices by 40% as of October 1. On September 30, the Petroleum Ministry’s Petroleum Price and Analysis Cell announced a dramatic 40% increase in domestic gas prices beginning on October 1 for the following six months.

The cost difference between CNG and Petrol has decreased to 45%.

Gas prices increased by 110 per cent earlier on April 1 due to rising global costs. Gas prices are adjusted by the government twice a year on April 1 and September 30. According to MGL, the price difference between CNG and Petrol has decreased by 45% as a result of this increase. The differential between PNG and LPG has stayed at 11% throughout the same period.

Prices may increase.

further. LPG costs may increase by Rs 6 per unit at the same time. Last Monday, the government increased the price paid for gas generated from existing gas fields from the previous $6.1 per million British thermal units to $8.57 per unit (per unit).

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