Friday, December 2, 2022

India Challan Revenue Incredible Statistics.

People continue to pay challans worth lakhs of rupees each day in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Patna, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, and Jaipur combined. This indicates that a challan for Rs 130 crore is pending in Pune, according to estimates.

There are many roads in a large country like India. In India, more than 30 kilometers of new highways are built each day in an effort to continually upgrade the infrastructure. Over 200 national highways make up their 70548 km overall length in India. Expressways are numerous. The number will be very large if state roadways are included. To ensure that people’s travel is safe, numerous regulations have also been put in place. However, very few people are familiar with all of the rules.

If you choose to ride a two-wheeler to get closer to your home while wearing a T-shirt, a neckerchief, and slippers, be careful because it could be challenging to do so. Yes, very few people are aware that breaking the Motor Vehicles Act by operating a car while wearing a necktie and slippers is punishable. In addition, the Act permits the imposition of punishment of Rs. 1000 against the car’s driver for failing to wear slippers. There is also a provision for a challan of 2000 rupees for operating a vehicle with a necker or half pants. Therefore, if you are riding a two-wheeler the next time while wearing a T-shirt, half-pants, and slippers, be careful since this negligence could cost you dearly.

Actually, everyone is aware of the laws governing wearing a seat belt when driving a car and operating a two-wheeler without a helmet, but many other provisions in the Motor Vehicle Act are unknown to most people. In India, new traffic regulations for 2021 have been put into effect in an effort to protect the lives of drivers. Let us inform you that 1,75,000 people perish annually in vehicle accidents in India.

If the children do not obey the rules, then the parents are guilty 

The standard challan under the new rule is for Rs 500. A challan for Rs 5000 may be required if the vehicle’s size is altered. Overspeeding results in a challan deduction of 2000 rupees. If a driver’s license is missing, a challan for Rs 5000 is issued. A challan for 10,000 rupees must be presented if driving without a license, without a license, or while inebriated. Driving while inebriated a second time carries a fine of Rs 15,000 and a two-year prison sentence.

Parents who drive a child without a helmet face a fine of Rs. 25,000. 1000 for every passenger not wearing a seatbelt You must pay an Rs. invoice. You can be required to pay a 1000 rupee challan if you ride a bike while wearing slippers rather than shoes. In contrast, if the rider in the back of you is partially painted, he will be required to pay a higher challan amount—2000 rupees—than you.

Billions of invoices outstanding

Despite these substantial penalties, many continue to recklessly violate traffic laws. includes writing out a significant number of invoices. Recently, 500 rounds with modified silencers were discovered in Noida. In just one month, the traffic police seized Rs. 75 lakh as challan. Challans for more than 1.5 lakh drivers have been granted in Prayagraj in recent months. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Patna, Pune, and residents of Bhubaneswar and Jaipur continue to pay challans totaling thousands of dollars each day.

This indicates that a challan for Rs 130 crore is pending in Pune, according to estimates. The entire challan sum of 122.43 crores has not been paid in Mumbai. This year, Bengaluru has received almost Rs 44 lakh in challan collections daily. Let us inform you that there are guidelines for how the money recovered through challan will be distributed. The amount of the union territories’ challan is given to the center, whereas the amount of the states’ challan is given to the state. The sum is split between the Center and the States if the Challan is completed on the National Highway. If the challan is filled out on a public street, the money is deposited into the state’s general fund all at once.

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