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Ration Card Rules: Get this change done in the ration card otherwise you will suffer a big loss

Ration Card Rules: If you have a ration card and you have got married recently then this news is useful for you. Often a new member comes into the family when a male member gets married or a child is born. In such a situation, you should have information about updating the name of a family member on the ration card. By the way, the names of all the members of the family are registered on the ration card. But if you have got married or a new member is born in your family, then it is necessary to add the name of that member to the ration card.

If you do not add the name of a new member by following this necessary procedure, then you may have to bear the loss. Let us know the complete process of adding the name of a new member to the ration card.

How to add new member name?

If you are married, first get it updated on your wife’s Aadhaar card.
It will be necessary to write the husband’s name in place of the father’s name in the Aadhaar card of the female member.

– If a child is born in the family, then the father’s name is necessary to add his name.
Along with this, information related to address, etc. will also have to be changed.
After Aadhaar is updated, submit an application to the Food Department official for the addition of a name in the ration card, along with a copy of the revised Aadhaar card.

The name will also be added online

After completing the process related to the Aadhaar card that we have told you about, submit the related application to the office.

For this, you can request to add the names of new members online sitting at home.
First of all, you have to visit the official website of the Food Supply Department of your state.
– If your state has the facility to add members’ names online, then you can do this work sitting at home.
This facility has been provided by many state governments on the portal, but this facility could not be started in many states.

Documents required for children

If you want to add the name of a child to the ration card, then first you have to get his Aadhaar card made.
Apart from the Aadhaar card, you will also need the birth certificate of the child.
After this, you can apply for registering the name of the child in the ration card along with the Aadhaar card.

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