Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Apple iPhone 13 is available for Rs 22,399 only on Flipkart!

With each new iPhone series, Apple tries something new. The phone continues to be in high demand as a result. But because it is so pricey, nobody can afford to buy it. Today is the ideal time to purchase a new iPhone if you’re interested. The cost of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 has abruptly decreased after the release of the iPhone 15. The price of the iPhone 13 is currently less than Rs 60,000. But it can be bought for less money.


Discounted iPhone 13

The price of the iPhone 13 on Flipkart is Rs 52,999. That indicates a discount of Rs 6,901 is being offered in full. However, a large price cut for the phone can be achieved because of bank discounts and exchanges.


iPhone 13 Bank’s offer

When using your Flipkart Axis Bank credit card to purchase the phone, you will save Rs 1,375. There is also an exchange offer made after that.


Offer to Exchange Apple iPhone 13

On the Apple iPhone 13, there is a trade-in incentive of Rs 30,600. You will save this much money if you exchange your old phone. However, you will only be eligible for the full discount of Rs 30,600 if your phone is current and in good working order. The cost of the phone, if you are successful in finishing off, is Rs 22,399.

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