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60 percent of Nestle products including Maggi ‘Unhealthy’ company itself accepted this, Kitkat, Nescafe also questioned

Nestle Maggi is once again in the headlines, the news is that 60 percent of Nestle’s products are not healthy, that is, they are harmful to health.

Maggi of Nestle is once again in the headlines, the news is that 60 percent of Nestle’s products are not healthy, that is, harmful to health. This allegation has neither been made by Baba Ramdev, nor any competitor company nor any food regulator, but this has been disclosed by Nestle, one of the world’s largest food and drink companies, itself in its reports. After this revelation came to the fore, now there is a stir.

60% of Nestle products ‘Unhealthy’

A big report has been published in the Financial Times about this, in this shocking report, Nestle has admitted that 60 percent of its products do not fall in the healthy category. The company is now working on a new strategy to increase the nutritional value of its products. According to reports, the company’s internal documents believe that 60% of its products fail to meet the ‘recognized definition of healthy’ and nutrition.

The products do not meet the nutritional parameters

It has been said in the report that many of the company’s favorite products have not met the parameters of health and nutrition. The report says that Nestle has acknowledged that more than 60 percent of its mainstream products do not meet the accepted definition of health and some products will never be healthy, no matter how much they are modified. 

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Only 37% of products have a good health rating 

The Financial Times report states that in Australia’s Health Star rating system, only 37% of Nestle’s food and beverage products, excluding animal food and medical nutrition, have managed to get a rating of more than 3.5 out of 5. Nestle says that the Health Star rating and Nutri-Score are considered good for the quality of the products. The company believes that more than half of its products do not come under this health system.

Nestle will change its entire portfolio

Nestle sells many world face products such as Maggi, Nescafe, and KitKat, which are sold in many countries of the world apart from India. Nestle says that there are some products that were never healthy and even after repairing them, they are not healthy, meaning these products can never be healthy. That’s why Nestle is now considering changing its entire portfolio. The focus in the new portfolio will definitely be on products with nutrition and a balanced diet. 

Nestle continues to improve its products

After this report came to the fore, a reply has come from Nestle. The company says that it is trying to sell only nutritional products to the consumer. We have reduced the amount of sugar and sodium in many products. In the last 7 years, they have reduced their quantity by 14-15 percent and will continue to do so.  



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