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The CoWin system will provide a new feature called “4-digit security code” starting tomorrow.

From May 8, the CoWIN framework will include a new “4 digit security code” feature in the CoWIN application.

Before administering the vaccine dose, the verifier/vaccinator may ask the beneficiary for his or her four-digit code, which will be entered into the CoWIN system to correctly document the vaccination status.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, people who scheduled a Covid vaccination appointment via the CoWIN portal but did not show up for their appointment on the scheduled date have received notification via SMS that a vaccine dose has been administered to them.

According to the ministry, it occurs mostly as a result of the Vaccinator incorrectly labeling the person as vaccinated, i.e. a case of a data entry mistake by the vaccinator.

As a result, the ministry stated that this new is being implemented in order to reduce such errors and the resulting inconvenience to people.

The new function is as follows:

-This new addition will only be available to people who have booked a vaccine slot online.

-The vaccinator would not be aware of the “4-digit security code” written on the appointment acknowledgment card.

-The four-digit code will also be included in the confirmation SMS sent to the beneficiary following a satisfactory appointment booking.

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-You can also save and display the Appointment Acknowledgement slip from your phone.

According to the ministry, this would ensure that data entries about a citizen’s vaccination status are registered correctly for people who have booked an online appointment and only for those who book an online appointment and use the facilities at the center where they booked the appointment.

Citizens should heed the following advice from the ministry:

-It is recommended that people bring a copy of their appointment slip (digital or physical) and/or their registered cell phone with appointment confirmation SMS so that the 4-digit security code can be given for the vaccination recording process to be completed quickly.

-It is also recommended that the security code be sent to the verifier/vaccinator before the vaccine dose is given. This is important because the digital certificate would be produced after the vaccine dose has been administered.

-The citizen must give the vaccinator the security code because the digital certificate will only be generated after the vaccination record has been modified with the security code.

-After the procedure has been successfully completed, the citizen should receive a confirmation SMS. The vaccination process has been completed successfully, and the digital certificate has been created, according to the confirmation SMS. If the confirmation SMS is not received, the vaccinator/vaccination center in charge should be contacted.



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